Sunday, October 10, 2010

coming soon?


DFresh said...

Young Swagg -The Gift To Mankind-

Thank you, Turbo.

PlatinumAssassin said...

Haha. Fresh to birth.

Hopefully a Mixtape of some of your earlier stuff like Dinner Verse. ;-)

Koran said...

Spittin that young siippy cup flow.

KBG187 said...

ohh snap son another mixtape
thats great man i hope todays special is on it :D

Jayn Doe said...

Looking forward to it.

One love,

Anonymous said...

you should release this with V5 that would be ill.
Young Turbo soundtrack
1.5 mins part 0
2. Hadouken
3.1 2 3 Turbo
4.Timon and Pumba Status
5. When I grow Up Part 1
6. A B C me
7. When I grow up Part 2
8. Birth Of A Scrambler

Lmao did I guess right? lol you know im playing man can't wait for v5 part 2 and this joint. My Ipod misses some Scramble

dena.DUHH said...

This sounds epic. Hope its soon!