Sunday, June 27, 2010

One of my heroes, Just Blaze, gives his take on Gigaton Punch

it's so great that he responded.
made my day and I could especially use that because everything else appears to be going not so well.

Thank you Just Blaze and I hope to work with you one day.


masmurdurah said...

ohh damn!
what song did u show him?

DisKisM said...

Just Blaaaaze!
Thats great. Itd be nice to know exactly what he wasnt crazy about tho. But still, feedback. Scramble.

Jayn Doe said...

Very awesome. Wake 'em up, T!

Anonymous said...

masmurdurah: Gigaton Punch! It's in the description.

Double: That's definitely a good look!! Keep going homie! Things in life go up and down. That's called balance. You're a winner, so you'll make it man! BTW, love the new video for FTW. Good stuff and self- promotion of the tees!!