Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On a mission.

Some of the bad things that can happen while living alone have occurred in my life seriously within a 3 day period. Here's a list of the bad thing along with an attempt to look on the bright side.

Relationship ended. ++++ new song written. money saving. time to regain focus.
Job terminated. ++++ more time.
phone destructed. ++++ new iphone4 purchased at a very cheap price.
red light pull over. ++++ learned a lesson. never drive in an unfamiliar city with so many things on your mind especially
immediately following the destruction of your only gps device.
Fix it ticket. ++++ when moving to a new area, always update your driver's license.
parking citation obtained. **** learned a lesson. Never park within in 15' of a fire hydrant no matter how far in the boondocks
you believe you are. The police will find you.

identity theft. **** lesson learned. Be careful with online purchases.

car tag expiration on the verge which = HOURS at the DMV which results in a mandatory SMOG check. **** didn't really learn a lesson here other than try to schedule an appointment as opposed to walking up to the DMV like a dummy expecting the line to be shorter than 4 hours.

t-shirt online store continues to automatically charge by the month yet I haven't ordered more product. Supply > Demand.
++++ charge pre-orders.

Surprise $1000.00 fine. ++++ don't get caught slippin? lol.

It is very much so overwhelming but the thing is, and I'm not sure if all of you have noticed this, but, I have been working on endurance and long suffering for some time now. Many of these things could have been avoided if I would have LIED my way out of them, however, I believe in honesty despite the misfortunes that it may bring upon you.
With that being said, I have seriously been more determined now than ever to make something out of nothing.

I never liked to talk to people. Honestly, I still don't exactly like talking to random people especially those who appear to be quite haughty, but, so be it. You can never have first hand experience and insight with a person until you actually make the attempt to talk to them. If they respond unfavorably, it's not the end of the world. Simply add them on THE LIST.

i already met this really cool dude with my new outlook on, well, life. His name is Corey and he works at a local boutique. He has already started to help me out by reserving a spot for my "DEMO CD" that I plan to start burning in the very near future. Then I met some promoter kids. I forget their names but they came into the store and it just worked out. They were passing out flyers for some MIA x NERD concert coming up when I introduced myself and started actually TALKING instead of mean mugging the whole world which is what i could very easily do considering how upset I am about my recent losses.

I've investigated a way to start performing regularly. Increased the possibility of doing so, at least.
I've called people. I have some unbelievable contacts who I never call because I never want to exactly be a nuisance and sometimes I'm just flat out nervous to interrupt anything in their super important schedules. I called only one of these contacts and they gave me some good advice.

I have contacted people with less internet (buzz? lame) than myself who actually perform on the regular in attempts to figure out how I can get in on this performance bus. My Ex performed probably every weekend while we were together in her band and that has low key encouraged me to start doing my thing which is why I won't go super grimey on her on a new song that I have. You'll hear it most likely.

About the DEMO.

this is the tracklist:

1. i think i
2. ozone
3. for the win
4. heartbreak double
5. shotgun ( on v5)

this tracklist may appear weak as a mug but the thing is, these are probably my only songs that can be understood by any random person and are rather performable with the exception of 'i think i' which I do not plan to perform anytime soon.


these videos are included:

1. for the win.
2. holographic double
3. bird's eye view
4. dark wing double
5. gigaton punch

Unlike the complimentary cd that came with the shirts that were purchased, this dvd focuses more on being attractive to a complete stranger so immediately upon insertion you are going to see the revolving red TSST logo as the 'dark wing double' instrumental plays. the background title menu is in all black and the videos are aligned accordingly and colored similarly to my website.
I use to think that my website is weak as a mug but now I'm least I HAVE a website. I'm not going to down my site. I'm not a web designer or anything so yeah..

In these CD and DVD DEMOS I will include 1 of my business cards. I already had these made the other week. The card promotes my Youtube and includes my website address in addition to my email address.

The blank CDs that I'm using are going to be solid white. I don't have the money to get fancy on them.
The cd cases are plastic. Protect the planet.
idk iwhat I'm talking about.

Anyways....I say all of this knowing that someone could very easily take my plan and use it for themselves but by doing so you will not exactly be TRUE to YOURSELF. If you would like to take this idea and run it, be my guest. I refuse to quit hip hop entirely until I can honestly say that I have tried every way possible to be able to make music as a means of supporting myself. That would be the dopest job, as far as I can tell.

Knowing that Lupe and his camp recognize me in person and can talk to me without worrying about me trying to invade their circle.
Knowing that Big Sean is a nice guy in person and even follows me on Twitter.
Knowing that Just Blaze even took the time to give one of my songs a listen.
Knowing that my uncle told me that he ran into someone over there in Boston who knew about me already...
that when I went to Louisiana, people actually knew me on sight and showed love..
that I receive emails from every state and many countries...
that all ages, races, and species have been in tune with what I release.....

knowing all of these things in addition to knowing about those who doubt my artistic ability results in a strong desire to, as cliche as it may sound, go For The Win.

Thank you for your continued support.

I'm working, I've been working.

As I make progress in this operation, I believe that I may attempt to locate boutiques in different states across the U.S. and possibly in other countries though the latter may prove to be very difficult.
I'm doing self promotion here in one part of California. Imagine if I could send you physical copies of this CD x DVD package. Would you be willing to hit up different boutiques and venues ?
I'm not talking HEY WUT UP GOT CD 4 U CHECK IT HOTNESS LOOK...but actually talking to the person...honest conversation.

si se puede.



masmurdurah said...

I like it. I... WE... missed you.
well, i cant speak for your entire fan base, but this is a nice check up. To be honest, i got a little emotional while reading it. i thought it was an "i give up" speech. but NO! turbo is goin for the win... he cannot stop!

Sorry about loss - especially the girl - but its not about that right now, its about your inevitable success. I mean, you are gettin such a buzz right now you rival south africa. blaze, sean, pretty much the entire world is watching... really tho, how are you not famous!? :3

and as for the DEMO... i agree w/ you REASONING for your song selection, but why not put up something that showcases your real wordsmith... ability? not sayin your choice of songs is poor (ozone is my 2nd fav) but, wheres dumbdouble, doublepres, fresh n vicious, ... actually all the "double" songs?
they may not be 100% relatable, but the wordplay just sticks like the abominable snowman.

anyways, you know what the deal is.
im still on my art grind, tryin to represent you in my art! haha, yeah yeah! ill get some art up later (today, hopefully), and post it here or on my DA ( <- free plug!).

always scramble!

masmurdurah said...

p.s. that balrog journey mixtape trick is dirty.
i look at it every day just hoping the link doenst roll me. >:0

Fuze said...

My name is Fuze and I'm on the same journey. Just a few things that might help, but take them at face value because..I'm not signed either lol.

>For your demo I think you should "go all the way" in a sense,merely because everyone is going to be giving them cd's like yours. Given your current situation it may be all you can do but 200 you can get a 100 store ready cd's that's what I've been using and the response is always 100% more positive

>as far as the website goes, I do a little light weight web design.
i did my website , , among others. If you want me to set you one up. Hit me up on I'm sure we can work something out easily without moving your money from your pockets to mine.

>as far as networking. remember the follow up is 80% of the battle.

Anyway ,
Hope I helped,
Fuze The Mc

ps. still waiting for that collabo lol

Koran said...

I don't know if you wanted to add more songs to your demo or not, but I think these song could go on the cd as they have original production (excluding G.A.S.) and don't tie into any other material (Street Fighter & the Backpack series).

Fresh & Vicious
5 Minutes 1
Chill Out

And just know that we support you to the fullest.

Austin Davis said...

Hey, I know this sounds random but I've been a fan of your music for years now, also I'm an artist as well and it's always cool to see different artist like me shining. I even hit you up on your twitter(mines is @lavishlyaustin) but I never got a reply back. I'm actually going to Clark Atlanta University this fall in pursuit of a music career and networking. if you want I wouldn't mind doing a collab or even putting your name out there at that. I'm just trying to network as much as possible because you never know who you'll meet now.

knowtyme09 said...

Quitting should never be an option, even if you toke your whole life working to make it into the business, because music is life.

In you the best.

Everything will work out. it always does for good people.

dena.DUHH said...

I was really inspired reading this post. I admire how you continue your scramble despite all the bad things thrown your way, and it makes me want to keep pushing through the things that have been tossed in my path lately. I can see success in your future. Much respect and support to the fullest.

Jayn Doe said...

This is why I love you, T.
You always come through- not for us, not for you, for the art.
As a fan, I appreciate all that you do. As an ordinary Jayn Doe, I admire who you are.
'The first shall be last and the last shall be first'- you're going to be on top in due time.
Keep that head up,


Armor the Armored Assistant said...


so i have the demo cd and he added 3 songs to the list. dumb double
drug store.

@_@ haha

from Trinidad said...

yo T, i was thinking, u should put more of ur songs on youtube. U got some great videos there, but in my humble opinion, some of ur best work is on the LightBulb Level and ElectroRock mixtapes. Maybe with more songs there there is an opportunity to reach and capture a greater audience. No need for elaborate vids to showcase ur mad production/directing skills, just like a still pic with a dope track (like Fresh n Vicious).

Keep on Keepin on man
Scramble Up!

Takumi said...

Dear Mr. Double, you stand as one of my great inspirations to continue my own passion of music. It seems so difficult at some times, but the way you rose up and have grown into such a great musical artist give me strength to continue. I look forward to the day you release your first album. Your career is shining greatly. Never ever stop. Keep being a good example for the people! (Like me) And if you're ever in the Portland Metro Area of Portland, Oregon, holla at yo boy! I would be thrilled to meet you.

Vashun Taliaferro said...

What's up? Long time no see. Anyways, seems like you've had quite a rough time lately. But you haven't gotten depressed so that's what's up. Keep doing what you doing man. You make fi music & alot of people know that. We all know you're not a quitter. Also, i'm gonna get me a tsst shirt real soon. Gotta have it man. Remember, i have always supported you & will continue to do so. So keep scramblin for us man. TSST UP!!!!!!!!!! Later

Anonymous said...

I don't have any unsolicited advice man. Just remember that I can get you in the news when the time is right. I got your back. You're my FAVORITE unsigned artist, and that's coming from a 32- yr. old man with 5 children. I can listen to your music with them and that's why I love your artistry. Please release the black green-hearted shirts and I'll buy 2 of them. I will always support you my dude.

-Cinque in Chicago

joven said...

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joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

joven said...

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