Friday, June 18, 2010


If you can help to do so, you may want to avoid putting yourself within close proximity of the Staples Center during the end of a championship basketball game, especially when the Lakers end up winning that game.
Police with machine guns.
People running and hanging out of car windows holding up jerseys all the while screaming drunken obscenities.
Cars set ablaze.
Police on horseback.
Police in helicopters.
Police everywhere. No exaggeration.

Video games Live.
Though I arrived a hour late and left probably a hour later, it was quite impressive especially this one girl who played the flute while dressed like Link from Zelda and this one dude who played a medley of Mario Brothers tunes on the piano as well as took request from the audience.
I was only able to take like 2 blurry pics from my iPhone.

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Koran said...

I went to Video Games Live a couple ears ago on and it's kind of an interesting story. I was reading a newspaper and noticed an ad for a Halo 3 tournament at an FYE in downtown Chicago. The winner would get tickets to the VGL on November 15 (my b day). I told my brother about it and we both went to double our chances. We thought there was gonna be a big turnout but in all only 4 people showed up. In the free-for-all match my bro took 1st place and I took 2nd. Then we played 1v1 for a chance to go on stage at the concert. I ended up beating him. Because only 4 people showed up we all got tickets to the show. Me and my bro got 4 tickets each and the other 2 guys got 2 tickets. After I won I found out that I would be playing Space Invaders on stage with a live orchestra. The show was pretty cool, there was the guy playing mario on the piano(I think they said he was famous from YouTube), the orchestra played a lot of great songs and a local band who sung the Portal song which was my favorite part. Anyway when I went on stage the host told me that when I played Space Invaders that I had to run across the stage to move my tank. In the end I lost and if I would have won I would have gotten a home arcade system. The host told me to stick around after the show and talk to him but I forgot and walked out of the theater and security wouldn't let me back in. All in all it was a fun time.