Sunday, August 29, 2010

9.1.2010 x FatBeats x Turbo x 445 pm x Free

Thanks to the very cool Randy and House Shoes over at the LEGENDARY Fat Beats in Los Angeles, I have the great opportunity to perform at this venue before it closes FOREVER next month.  I need all of my TRUE hip hop lovers in CA to come out and show some SUPPORT.  I mean, it's free for crying out loud and this place, as you should already know, is LEGENDARY!
I'll have some physical tickets up there too for the Jay Electronica show 8 days later.  Let's Go!

UPDATE: Video Flyer


Nick said...

Good luck! I'd be there if I weren't on the East coast.

Turbo said...


WordsSmith said...

Making steps. GoodLuck mann

Jayn Doe said...

Sweet! Get 'em, T.

One love,