Monday, August 16, 2010

8.14.2010 performance x New video Still Image!!!

Here is some new stuff real quick... I'm in a rush but I'll be back on the blog to post some other information the next chance that I get!  It's hard out here!!


no, this isn't HeartBreak Double.  This is a different song off disc 2 of ERV5.

I know Jayn is having trouble importing v5 into Zune anyone else having a problem with the mixtape.  I know that I can't afford bandwidth like I once was able to do so, so the download time will take alot longer but other than that.......any other problems? any resolutions?

I honestly have to do alotta stuff right now but please help Jayn! lol



Jayn Doe said...

I enjoyed the video; although I couldn't hear you very well, I appreciate how your flow and the singer's harmonizing blended together.
Thank you for your concern of my dilemma- I have a proposition for you if it turns out there is no resolution to this issue. I'm willing to purchase a hard-copy of this mixtape from you in any event that spare time allows for such an arrangement.
And if I could humbly raise to your attention a common misspelling of my name- there is no 'e' after Jayn.

Always supporting your scramble.
One love,

Jake said...


Concerning your bandwidth issues have you ever thought of putting your mixtapes on a torrent?

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Koran said...

I'll upload the mixtape to Mediafire so Jayn can DL it.

Turbo, you should look at uploading your music to Some other independent rappers I listen to use it and you can even decide which music to charge money for and how much on a song by song basis if you want.

Koran said...

Here you go Jayn. ERV5

Jayn Doe said...

Thank you, Koran.
I appreciate you taking out time to assist me.

One love,

Jayn Doe said...

And it worked!