Friday, May 14, 2010


shirts came in today.
i'm just about to go pick them up and drop them off for further customization.
This means that the shirt you see on the picture is not 100% the shirt you have paid for.
I am adding to it. If you do not like the addition, there is always the trusty refund but I assure you that the addition only adds to the dopeness.
As I mentioned before, the shirts will come with a simple DVD and I want to include a card that symbolizes that your shirt is very special in the sense that its my first professional, independent release and it is 1 of 24.
If you have yet to order your shirt, it is not too late.
I do warn you though that there's probably only like 2 medium male shirts left while surprisingly the large shirts haven't been impacted. Those will probably be sold physically but yeah...

progress for the win!

I went to the studio at midnight last night because my uncle from N.Y. came into town and set up a Pro Tools session for me. It was very spur the moment but as a true emcee I know the importance of ALWAYS having material ready to record at the drop of a dime. Last night was proof.

Stay tuuuuned


Jayn Doe said...

Sounds good! I'm stoked.

masmurdurah said...

Stay (verbally) stackin' that green like lettuce celery and caaaabage!

get it x 15!