Friday, May 7, 2010

I feel like I owe you, the reader, an explanation concerning this shirt order delay.
As some of you may know, I put up a link on the mother site (TurboTDouble) that allowed you to basically reserve a shirt so that I could get a rough estimate concerning the amount in which to have manufactured.
Upon posting this news I was originally under the impression that the warehouse that would be printing these shirts would be able to start immediately. Unfortunately, though, the owner and I decided to work a deal that pretty much consisted of my time and energy in exchange for the first order of shirts. This means that I would be required to assist in post production for a low budget film as well as direct additional scenes needed to complete the project.
I've been doing this now for a while but where are the shirts?
Do I have to actually finish the movie before getting at least the first shipment?
There are people, family and friends alike, who have taken the time to reserve a shirt but they have to wait because I have yet to complete this exhausting task?

I have decided to work with a different warehouse. I've come to realize that despite the support that I receive through Youtube comments, views, and downloads, there is great difficulty in translating to shirt sales.
Because of this, I understand that not too many people will be buying a shirt.
For those that do decide to do so, it is very much so appreciated. you already know this...

I will be leaving for Louisiana on the 19th of this month. If I were to put in my order tomorrow (Friday, May 6th) the shirts can ship by the 14th. Because I wanted to customize the shirts a step further, I would probably need till the following Monday to have that customization ready and then have the shirts shipped out the next day which would be the 18th, a day before I leave the state of Ca. for a while.
The only true incentive to have this plan go through is if people were to actually purchase their shirts today due to this ridiculous financial situation that occurs when you pretty much have zero help and are responsible for so many things.

I can activate the payment option now and proceed with this plan - or - I can wait till sometime in June to do so and hope that people go out and support.
The amount of shirts that I need to have confirmed to place this order now? At LEAST 24.

Is this possible? perhaps.
Judging by the fact that it is now Friday, the chances seem slim, however, there is always hope.

let's see what happens.
Worst case scenario, none of the primary pre orderers are interested.
To make spending around $27 after tax,shipping, and handling worth it...
I want to throw in a dvd of a few of my Youtube videos.

activation begin.

visit the store HERE and place your order!


Jayn Doe said...

No worries, T. Keep doing your thing.

I've preordered already too, but as long as I get that long-awaited tee at my door at some point, I'll place an order- sounds like a sweet bundle anyway.

One love,

jworthy said...

just purchased my SECOND Turbo T. Double song off of itunes.