Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Turbo T. Double - VENOM

Turbo T. Double - Venom
Music Produced by: Londres
Video Shot x Post Production by: Yemi A.D.

Special Thanks to Robin Goehner

Thank you to Berlin, Germany where this video was shot.

Salute to ALL of the Scramblin' Scholars who have and continue to support TSST.
Thank you Kris Dangl, Scott Budnick, Benoni Tagoe, Elliott Smith, & Esther Yoon.

* this song appears on "the Rise of TSST vol. 2"
Volume 1 can be found HERE


Anonymous said...

Damn, you been blogging on here for a minute.

Anonymous said...

hi turbo,

is it possible to reupload your music? really love your raps but the links are down and I can't find any mirrors online.

thx ;)