Tuesday, August 14, 2012

hey...is anyone here?..

i was told that i should update this page...with some new things....i have a new music video ... it's for a new song called 'venom'...this is my favorite video thus far... would you care to see it? is anyone here?


Anonymous said...

Man, it feels bad that no one else is on the blogspot and this went a day without comments.

I definitely want to see it, but no one else being here is cold!

Alright, alright. You win. I'll make a Twitter to follow you to get updates, hahahaha.

Mad respect for you actually posting on here to find out though. Nobody can say you don't listen to your fans!

Jayn Doe said...

You know I do.

Anonymous said...

4 sho kid that'd be ill as hell

Justin Hill said...


Justin Hill said...

By the way, how can I get in contact with you man? Love your stuff and would be willing to do some album art and/or web design for you.

Armor the Armored Assistant said...

hey Justin
email examples of your work to me.