Sunday, July 25, 2010

SF x Tekken gameplay


PlatinumAssassin said...

Interesting. Seems to play look like SF4, but play a bit different given the double Shoryuken juggle and wall bouncing aspect. Too many fighters are coming out. My money is ready for MvC3 and the new MK though. ;)

masmurdurah said...

not even gonna wait that long.
already ready for Blazblue CS. thats the real deal.

Fletch Lotus said...

Dear. Turbo T. Double please release a street fighter mixtape. Yes I did follow the link that said "Street Fighter: Balrog's Journey: The Mixtape" just to find myself slapped with some rick rollin action. Im sure there were many funny priceless upset disappointed faces like mine (SMH but hilarious haha). BUT this has only made me want this mixtape even more. SO with that said, i started a petition. Since people are doing it for Lupe's "Lasers" album, I thought why not for some Street fighter brought to us by Mr. Turbo the Battle toad?

Here it is

Anonymous said...

Kinda raw!!