Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ni hao ma

it seems like every chance i get to post a new blog, all i can talk about is how much work i have to do/am doing. the thing is, it's true!
i'm not even trying to complain or anything but my life has never been so...weird.
ever since moving out on my own about a year or so ago and having to juggle all of these responsibilities, everything has been crazy.
but i tell you one thing though.
i am trying my hardest not to give up. actually, it just may be impossible for me to give up because now is a critical time.

i know a few of you are wondering about the shirts - about the delay.
really though, there isn't a delay.
the process is still in the works and the remainder of what needs to be done is not in my hands right now.

just know that the shirts are not going to be some iron transfer elementary stuff but rahter, an actual professional shirt...if that makes sense. I just don't want to put out garbage.

anyways though...please be patient with the release of stuff. so much work and i'm essentially doing it single handedly with the exception of beats by Saylen and Dz and the manufacturing of the shirts.

When the shirts are ready to actually be purchased, I plan to update the store , trust me when I say I am hard at work.

thanksssss for your patience.
yes indeed



Can't rush perfection! Turbo, keep up the good work man. I can't stop listening to 5 Minutes Part 5! LLLLL!

Koran said...

Question: If I go listen to all 5 minutes back to back would that make my brain implode?

DisKisM said...

Steady Scramblin

Jayn Doe said...

No worries, it's understandable. Do your thing, T.

Can't wait for those tees!
One love,

BibbleFoshizzle said...

Do it big Turbo!!