Tuesday, March 16, 2010

working working working

check out


when you get a chance. you'll see what's coming sooooon!

trust me, i'm working on many things at once. please forgive me for the lack of posts.

Armor, on the other hand, don't forgive him.

let's go!


on the actual store site there is a contact button. use that form to pre-order your shirt(s) now. simply indicate your name, size [II], and quantity. this pre-sale will help us get a better estimate as to how many shirts will be needed for this first wave.

edit 2::

the site now has the female version of the Green Hearted Black shirt. Remember to pre-order if you can...


Armor the Armored Assistant said...

o rly

DisKisM said...


BibbleFoshizzle said...

Oh snap, official TSST recognition? Sign me up mannnnn

B-Winnizle said...

I got rick rolle'd again...

PlatinumAssassin said...

I'm defiantly am going to need to scoop up a TSS-Tee. Lets get some grey heart action going soon too. ;-)

Jayn Doe said...

Nice! I'm copping a tee.
Keep scrambling, T.

One love,