Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'backstab' - unreleased track

just dropped this on twitter and figured that i post on here too.
it is super old but i don't care if anyone judges my skill level back then.
whatever homie!


Jayn Doe said...
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msh group said...


Anonymous said...

skill level sure hasn't improved since then...AHAHAHAHA

masmurdurah said...

maaaan. scrap that guy. ^^
Its heat. maybe im just turbo prejudice?
i think emergency is ur best song, when it comes to wordplay. and as best i know, one of ur oldest.
speaking of.
why dont u have string theory, and the restaurant on a mixtape?
i mean... those tracks be illlllin. id pay to get em.
put em up on zune or amazon... or somethin!!! i need them! i deeed it!