Monday, May 26, 2008

Post #..I forgot.

ok, so there's no use in keeping count of post anymore. Way too many things going on..
the movie didn't exactly have a happy ending...but I noticed TONS of dialogue in the film that has been used on some old Diplomats records.. like that one song Disco ish and..yeah.
anyways - Today is THE day...the only day left to complete 30 pages of writing about DRUGS...and...CRIME.
Specifically the prevention measures that the government outlines in its Drug Policy.
After that, I plan to watch Terry and the gang in FATAL FURY the animated movie. That is..if this paper goes well. Its 935 am now ...should be done by..5 pm. if focus is strong enough..
one more thing -
when you visit this blog - I will have the song that I'm listening to the most at the moment can turn it off or whatever but why would you wanna go and do that and do that and do that???
Technically I'm typing to myself considering how no one knows about this blog..forgot to tell cats about it!
oh well - let's get get get it!

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